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Wonder how your septic system works?

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to visit the EPA new SepticSmart program for helpful information!

Septic Pumping & Septic System Repairs & Installations

Conventional Systems & Advanced Treatment Systems. We provide the following services:

  • Pump (and install) Septics, Drywells, Pump Chambers, Septic Tanks, Grease Traps, Etc.
  • Maryland State Certified for Inspection and Installation of Systems

Septic Pumping Mt Airy Maryland

Prices subject to change
Please confirm pricing when scheduling


  • $300.00 All Counties for a minimum up to 1000 gallons
    (includes 1 backflush, 40' hose)
  • $75.00 All Counties Per 250 gallons added over the 1000 gallon minimum
  • $25.00 per section of hose (20') after the first 40'
  • $50.00 per back flush (liquefying solids) after the first back flush or
    $75.00 for mechanical use to break up excessive solids
  • $75.00 to dig up to 18" deep (this is when the tank is in obvious location)
  • Over 18" deep $80 for Backhoe and Operator per hour
  • Install Manhole $50.00 for Concrete Lid
  • Poly lid (LD) w/screws (required by most counties) $80.00
  • and $42.00 per ft of tubing (cut/sold in 6" increments)
  • $8.00 per mile (one-way charge only) outside a 20 mile radius of our shop in Mt Airy Maryland includes round trip
  • $120.00 Minimum Overtime Charge added for after-hours emergencies

Septic Inspections:
$600 retainer upfront. Runs $500-$600 (varies on location of tank, gallons of tank & county)
Repair Percs:
Frederick, Carroll, Howard County Maryland - Approx - $400-$450 (runs $325-$450) depends if good soil

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